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Theme for Helios'14
Energy for Tomorrow : Smart, Efficient and Sustainable

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"Helios", the annual fest of DESE(now in it's 3rd edition), aims to realize it's potential of being the largest ever platform built for students, industrialists, professionals and enthusiasts to come together,interact, compete and discuss the key issues concerning the energy future of this country, and the world in general. Moreover, being a completely student conceptualized, managed and executed festival, it promises to be a refreshing change from official gatherings and conferences, via it's innovative competitions, lectures and workshops, without deviating from it's main aim.

This year, we aim to break the plethora of myths and cliches surrounding "energy"- It has been discussed widely, and so much so, that an average person hearing this term thinks about either oil, nuclear plants and a slightly more enlightened person thinks of solar panels and wind turbines. Limits have been imposed on "energy" available to mankind, some by nature, and others, by our imagination(or the lack of it), complacency and ignorance.Hence, this time, we'll go beyond the stereotyped interpretations, and look into the real challenges- technical,social and economical, that we face in this field today. Be there at Helios2014!

Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) was founded in 1981 as an inter-disciplinary group at IIT Bombay offering M.Tech. and Ph.D. programmes. ESE has graduated more than 300 M.Tech. and 30 Ph.D students so far.

In 2007, the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay approved the growth of Energy Systems Engineering into a Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE).The new Department is expected to provide critical manpower and research inputs that are critical for the growth of India's energy sector and provide innovative energy technologies and systems to mitigate the global problem of climate change. The vision of the department is

"To develop sustainable energy systems and solutions for the future".

At present DESE offers B.Tech-M.Tech (dual degree), M.Sc-PhD (dual degree), M.Tech (Energy Systems Engineering) and PhD degrees. The current student strength of the Department is about 300 with a core faculty of 17 and another 30-40 associated from other departments in the Institute.

The Department's research activities focus on developing cost effective renewables (e.g. thin film photovoltaics, low cost solar thermal industrial heating, microbial fuel cells, bio-refinery) and energy efficient devices and systems (process integration, benchmarking, heat pumps, trigeneration, controllers and power electronics). The Department will have a combination of fundamental experimental work on new materials for energy, system simulation and analysis capabilities. The Department is in the process of strengthening existing research groups and catalyzing new research groups and building new research facilities.